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Choose to renew your vows in one of the world’s most romantic places. Whether it's just the two of you or with guests along, celebrating away from home makes a vow renewal even more special. 

Unlike weddings, vow renewals involve no legal requirements, so when you consider locations, you need not worry about satisfying residency requirements, waiting periods, or other complications.

Where in the World

Since the choices can feel overwhelming, start by picturing your actual ceremony. Do you see yourselves on a cruise ship or in a historic city in Europe

Love tropical settings? Consider flying off to a Caribbean island such as St. Lucia, Barbados, Jamaica, or the Dominican Republic. Dreamy Mexico seaside resorts and Tahiti in the South Seas also welcome lovers. 

Idyllic beach resorts dot the U.S. coastlines from Hawaii to Florida. Does a sophisticated urban setting such as New York City or Quebec better fit your image of romance? Perhaps the fun themes of Orlando’s theme parks and the buzz of Las Vegas are more your style. For many couples, the natural settings of the American West, New England and Canada fit the bill.

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Click on the links below for our take on the pros and cons of having a vow renewal in some of the most romantic spots  and check out terrific hotels, resorts, and vow renewal sites. 

We only cover places that we know personally. Additionally, we try to ensure that content is current and accurate but can not guarantee that things don't change. 

To discuss arranging your vow renewal and get an estimate, speak with a hotel's wedding planning department or the food and beverage manager. And trust your instincts.

In the USA

Las Vegas

In this 24/7 town, you can renew your vows everywhere from a chapel on the Strip to inside in a posh resort.

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The Hawaiian islands have long lured lovers. From urban Oahu to hip Maui to verdant Kauai, there's a place for you.

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From sexy Miami to the laid-back Gulf Coast to family friendly Orlando, Florida can be your place in the sun.


New England

Classic and traditional, New England features numerous spots for couples to tie the knot again.

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Out West

Do the mountains beckon? Discover a cool place that offers romantic adventures in all four seasons.

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New York City

It's the world's most exciting city, filled with countless fascinating places. Get the scoop on ones that couples love.

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Outside the USA


Say your vows on a sun-kissed beach, in a tropical garden, a seaside villa, even beside an historic sugar mill. 

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Chic cities and medieval castles, riverboats and vineyards await loving couples in the Old World.

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Mariachi bands, handcrafted pottery and  textiles can add an exotic touch to ceremonies by the sea or in a  hacienda.

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Renew your vows à la française in Quebec or head west for the magic of British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies.

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On the Water

From megaships to intimate sailing yachts, cruises offer myriad ways for your event to capture the romance of the sea.

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Whether you choose an overwater bungalow or a feast on a mountain-backed beach, the South Seas is the ultimate in romance.

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